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New Sales Manager - Singapore

NoreqFender is pleased to inform about our new Sales Manager in Singapore.
ISO 9001:2008 renewal

We are not only focused on ISO 17357:2014 in our company, we are also putting a lot of effort in having a proper quality system and routines in place.
Up and running in Dubai

Mr. Jacob Mathew is optimistic about the future ahead - scouting out from his office for new projects in the horizion

Busy along the Norwegian coast line

NoreqFender have been busy last few months supplying fenders for operations in Hammerfest in the north to Moss in the south.
NoreqFender - Foam ready for delivery

Over the last couple of years we have grown from being a pure pneumatic fender manufacturer to a total fender supplier, manufacturing also fixed fenders, foam filled fenders and buoys for the marine and offshore industry.
Skandi Africa - Ship of the year

We at NoreqFender congratulate the winner Skandi Africa, and are proud to have equipped the Ship of the Year.